Digital Tango at SAFe Summit 2022 de Denver

When you think of Colorado, what words come to mind describing this amazing place ?

Hiking, Skiing, Jazz bands, Hippy culture, Mountain, Wildlife – bears, Eagles, Tesla’s, Hair braids…

Well, we can now most definitely add the words SAFe, Collaboration, Expertise, and Passion to this list.

The SAFe summit is always a great moment but this year it was to be even more special. The first time everyone was back together since 2019 and you could feel the happiness and passion in the air. This was going to be the special event that everyone had been looking forward to. Kicking off with the introduction by Chris James, CEO SAI, it was an event packed with some great keynotes and case studies from big names like Oracle, Volkswagen, Lockheed Martin and Southwest to name a few.

We had the pleasure to participate in this 2022 edition as Gold Sponsor and Digital tango was present with its stand and of course its famous hats (one for each of the key SAFe roles). We noticed that you really like these caps, we will bring more of them when we meet again. What I found more intriguing was Scrum Masters secretly wanting the Product Manager hat or vice-versa. We all want to learn more, and we all want to build on our SAFe experiences. Each of us wants to share our SAFe journey and ask advice from others more experienced or even peers to pick up best practices so let’s do more – look out for our next SAFe MeetUps or reach out to the team to learn more about upcoming events.

It was a great turnout at the booth with many complex questions asked. We like these, we hope we provided some good answers, and we look forward to continuing the discussions with each of you.

And to finish off we attended a working session on SAFe & AI; leveraging the combined brains of thought leaders and SAFe newbies like myself on how to adapt the SAFe framework to take into account the different aspects raised by this “new – or not so new”** technology.

This was Denver Colorado at its finest, what a fantastic SAFe Summit, bring on Nashville 2023 we’re ready!

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** AI was a term first coined at Dartmouth College in 1956. Cognitive scientist Marvin Minsky was optimistic about the technology’s future.