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Meet our team of advisors, experts passionate about business agility.
As pioneers and partners of the SAFe® framework since 2015, we specialize in transforming the work environments of large enterprises, with a constant focus on the success of your initiatives.
Our mission is to train, advise, and support management and teams towards the effective implementation of their agile transformation strategy. We combine practice and theory, using our in-depth knowledge to produce tangible results.
With recognized expertise in launching and operationalizing SAFe trains, implementing Lean Portfolio Management (LPM), and establishing a Value Management Office (VMO), we ensure a comprehensive and successful integration of the SAFe® principles within your organization.

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Digital Tango specializes in transforming organizations towards Business Agility through guidance, consulting, and the successful implementation of the SAFe® framework.


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We provide a comprehensive range of SAFe® and Agile training sessions, available in-person or remotely, scheduled for your convenience to ensure high-quality and comfortable learning experiences.



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Customer testimonials

Our project delivery departments make a far more professional use of SAFe, with a more sophisticated application of its methodology, since their major training with Digital Tango. Digital Tango has trained hundreds of people in a few weeks, from directors to development teams. Digital Tango’s committed work in support of this transformation has been the key to its success. Their experts even came to help me manage our first PI Planning to ensure that we would align properly in the field using all the training we had received. More than a supplier, Digital Tango has positioned itself as a Desjardin partner.

STE & DDOFTI Director – Desjardins

Since 2019, Digital Tango has successfully been assisting Sopra Steria Group with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)[…]. This partnership has been primarily built on two main axes : 1. Training of internal employees 2. Supporting internal trainers to make them autonomous With over a thousand employees trained in three years, Digital Tango and its trainers have successfully deployed the majority of the SAFe training catalogue within Sopra Steria. The quality of its sessions greatly contributed to building a common understanding of the challenges of deploying Agility, Lean, and DevOps, thereby initiating the beginnings of a common language on these topics among the employees of our group. […] The quality of the interactions with these trainers, particularly Etienne Laverdière, and their advice and encouragement have greatly contributed to making me one of the main trainers on SAFe within Sopra Steria. And in turn, I have been able to support other internal trainers, drawing on the mentoring experience I had benefited from with Digital Tango. […].

Mathieu LARIVE
Coach and Agile Vertical Reference for the Public Sector

For our 2 years of digital and agile transformations at Disneyland Paris, I was happy to host Chris James, CEO at Scaled Agile, Inc., and Daniel Boudier, EMEA partner manager ar Scaled Agile, for a keynote on Business Agility with our teams. With the support of our partner, Digital Tango and Etienne Laverdière, and the coaching team, Yassine Chaieb-Eddour, Tara Ait Ouakli, we are proud to have trained 182 people to SAFe among of them, 94% recommend our Agile Release Trains as a great place to work and 85% of the teams feel more engaged with the SAFe approach.

Digital Technology & Software Engineering Director Company – Disneyland Paris

We turned to Digital Tango because, after an initial implementation of the SAFe framework, we did not achieve conclusive results. Digital Tango helped us to redesign our value stream and reestablish the LACE (Lean-Agile Center of Excellence) to assist us in the governance of the transformation. After an initial assessment, the experts from Digital Tango accompanied Cascades for 18 months to implement agile principles at the heart of our operations, both at the portfolio level and in the agile teams. They also trained all our teams up to the SPC (SAFe® coaches), which made us autonomous. Our LPM governance is now solid and well aligned with Cascades’ strategic objectives. This approach is even now used by our president. We have moved from managing emergencies to managing value, both at the management level and in team execution. Today, the future is reassuring, with agile continuous improvement processes, problems are resolved at the right level.

APMO Corporate IT Director – Cascades

Digital Tango supports you in each phases of your digital transformation.