SAFe ® Advanced Scrum Master

Advancing Scrum Master servant leadership with SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master certification

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Operational and evaluable goals

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  • Assume a SAFe® leadership role and learn how to facilitate the success of a team, an Agile Delivery Train (ART) and an Agile enterprise by becoming a SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master (SASM).
  • Explore facilitation of cross-team interactions in support of ART execution and relentless improvement.
  • Learn actionable tools for building high-performing teams and explore practical ways of addressing Agile and Scrum anti-patterns in the enterprise.
  • Expand the Scrum paradigm with an introduction to scalable engineering and DevOps practices, the application of Kanban to facilitate the flow of value, and supporting interactions with architects, product management, and other critical stakeholders.

We offer 2 public training courses of each type per year (delay of approximately 6 months).

To set up a private training session (approximately 1 month), we invite you to contact us directly :

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Updated: 22/01/2024

Target audience

  • Scrum Masters et Release Train Engineer (RTE)
  • Team leaders, project managers and others who have assumed the role of facilitator of an agile team in a SAFe® or Agile enterprise context
  • Engineering and development managers responsible for executing and supporting Agile teams, including teams of teams
  • Agile coaches
  • Agile Program Managers

SAFe ® Advanced Scrum Master

  • Exploring the Scrum Master role in the SAFe enterprise
  • Applying SAFe Principles: A Scrum Master’s perspective
  • Exploring Agile and Scrum anti-patterns
  • Facilitating ART execution
  • Improving flow with Kanban and XP
  • Building high-performing teams
  • Improving ART performance with Inspect and Adapt


No prerequisite

Everyone is invited to take the course, regardless of your experience. However, having one or more of the following certifications is strongly recommended for those intending to take the SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) 6.0 certification exam :

  • SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) Certification
  • SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) Certification
  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Certification

Methods and tools

  • Training provided in French or English
  • Face-to-face or remote
  • Workbook and course support in English
  • Materials for practical exercises
  • Assessment of training through interactive questionnaires during the training to verify knowledge acquisition.
  • Platforms and tools used: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Mural, Miro, Drive

Included in the training

  • English training materials and practical exercises
  • Preparation and eligibility for the SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) 6.0 exam
  • One-year membership to the SAFe® community platform
  • Certificate of course attendance attestation.

Participants must attend the entire training in order to qualify for the exam.


Our disability representative is at your disposal to put in place the necessary arrangements for the smooth running of your training. Please explain your needs to him by email:

Disability referent

Certification training

At the end of the training, candidates will receive a link to the SAFe Studio platform and will be able to take the exam. The first test is included in the training within 30 days. Each new test will then cost $50, payable directly on the SAFe Studio platform.

After passing the exam, the candidate receives his certification which is valid for 1 year. This must be renewed annually and costs $100/year or through the SAFe enterprise subscription “SAFe Enterprise Subscription (SES)”.

More information on the Scaled Agile website : SAFe Advanced Scrum Master 6.0 Exam Details

  • Exam format : Multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ)
  • Method: Via browser
  • Duration : 2 hours (120 minutes)
  • Number of questions : 60
  • Score to obtain : 44/60 (73%)
  • Language : Exam in English

At the end of the exam, you receive your results immediately.

At the end of this training, you will be able to…

  • Apply SAFe® principles to facilitation, enablement and support in a multi-team environment
  • Build a high-performing team and drive continuous improvement at scale
  • Addressing Agile and Scrum anti-patterns
  • Support the adoption of engineering, DevOps and Agile architecture practices
  • Apply Kanban, DevOps and Extreme Programming (XP) frameworks to optimize flow and improve team work
  • Facilitate end-to-end planning, execution and delivery of ARTs
  • Support learning through participation in communities of practice and innovation cycles

As a SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master, continue your SAFe® learning journey.

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