Software Pricing Fundamentals

Profit is your key to survival !

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Operational and evaluable goals

  • How to conduct a Customer Benefit Analysis to identify tangible and intangible benefits
  • How to determine the core mechanism of value exchange, such as per-user or per-transaction
  • How to design a pricing model based on Pricing Strategy, Structure, Specifics, and Policies
  • How to demonstrate your value through a Customer ROI Model
  • How to model the economic impact of your costs and your pricing
  • How to design a profit engine that grows over time
  • An understanding of how to communicate new prices, manage existing accounts, and adopt a continuous approach to sustainable pricing

We offer 2 public training courses of each type per year (delay of approximately 6 months).

To set up a private training session (approximately 1 month), we invite you to contact us directly :

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Update : 11/07/2024

Target audience

  • Company managers
  • Product managers


No prerequisites. All are welcome to take the course without any prior knowledge. A B2 level of English is recommended for good comprehension.

Methods and tools

  • Training in English
  • Face-to-face or remote
  • Workbook and course support in English
  • Materials for practical exercises

Included in the training

  • English training materials and practical exercises
  • Certificate of course attendance attestation.
  • Profit Stream™ Pricing Professional (CPS-PP) certificate
  • One-year membership to the Horizon Platform for Solution Profitability Management™


Our disability representative is at your disposal to put in place the necessary arrangements for the smooth running of your training. Please explain your needs to him by email:

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At the end of this course, you’ll know that…

→ Without profit, you cannot maintain or grow your business.

→ Without profit, you cannot serve your customers or provide benefits to your employees.

→ Without profit, investors have no reason to invest.

→ Without profit, your business will fail.

Based on the bestselling book Software Profit Streams™: A Guide to Designing a Sustainably Profitable Business , Software Pricing Fundamentals provides the essential tools and processes for creating sustainably profitable software-enabled solutions.

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